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How To Make A Metal Pin Button Badge

How to make a 58mm button badge (Metal backing) with a button badge making machine with step by step instructions. We provide sales on badge making machines and various types of button badge materials.

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MapleStory Red- Paladin Vs Zakum
MapleStory Red-  My paladin ign knightMARC solo easy mode Zakum. 1st attempt to solo with nice drops and experience for my level. Zakum run time approx 7mins.

MapleStory Red- Paladin Vs Targa And Scarlion
MapleStory Red-  My poorly funded paladin ign knightMARC solo Targa and Scarlion. 1st attempt to solo after years and finally got my helmets. I will usually die or lag out but now thanks to the revamp of the paladin skills. Targa and Scarlion run time approx 6mins.

Singapore Reckless Drivers [SRD Community] Intro 2014
Singapore road safety awareness & updates on road. A fast growing Community, visual directed by ForestFly Pictures. This stand-alone facebook community started on 2011 which was known as “Singapore Reckless Drivers”, now changed it’s name to “Singapore Reckless Drivers [SRD Community]”. The page is about the Singapore drivers caught on car cameras for reckless driving on the road. Videos are contributed by 14000+ members. It also helps to promote Singapore Road Safety Awareness. SRD Community aims to widen the community in 2014 by expanding to more social media sites.

Clash Of Clans Taliban INC. Trailer
Clash Of Clans [Taliban INC.] created on since January 2013. Clash Of Clans Singapore farming clan. Highly active in troops donation. We share/review replays to improve our raiding/defence even if you are a newbie. We have very friendly members. Fortunately, we organise events/competitions for our members too! This is a CoC Taliban INC. trailer for recruitment, presented by ForestFly Pictures.

Project Brothers [Wakeboarding & Go-Kart]
Interactive videos can also be made for activities like for instance, this video shows activities on go-karting and wakeboarding. Filming on two different days but by combining the activities together, makes it feels much engage though they were not filmed professionally.

OPPA MAFIA STYLE [J&J Wedding Gatecrash re-animated]
This video was re-animated by ForestFly Pictures to show the main highlight of J&J’s wedding gatecrash.  The video was made by combining the source from iPhone cameras, actual wedding filming and digital cameras filmed on that day.

World Of Warcraft [SoulMaster]
This game trailer was filmed using frap. An in-game recorder capturing the screen play. This video was about the making of a warrior running on quests and dungeons in World of Warcraft.

1:12 scale diecast collection
Toybikes Website
Hobbies and collections can be interactive too! Here’s the 1:12 scale motorcycle/motorbike diecast collection made specially for the blog.  Showcasing all the motorbike diecast collected worldwide.

DragonVale All Eggs Guide [HD]
DragonVale All Eggs Chart was created to provide a clear view of all the eggs in game known as DragonVale. The chart was embedded into the video to prevent others from stealing the artworks. The DragonVale all eggs video was uploaded to youtube and blog. It became popular overnight, receiving millions of viewers and comments in both the youtube and wordpress.

Light Ball Rendering
Pre-rendered effect from software. Showing the completed work of a light ball. This video comes with a written tutorial on a blog, so that viewer could see the end result of the light ball rendering.

Time Lapse [Detolf Setup]
Stationery camera, continuous recording on guide to setup a modified detolf by adding more layer in between the existing ones. This was requested by a youtube viewer who wants to know how the setup of detolf was like.

Button Badge Maker Tutorial
This tutorial demonstrates the use of badge making machine. This will be useful for companies which want to showcase their products online rather than doing live demonstration. It helps to boost traffic when you have more interactive tutorials in your website.

iPhone theme walkthrough
This iPhone theme video was one of the earliest made for social networking purpose. It was to test on how the recorded video can synchronize with audio to make the the whole thing looks smooth. Sorry for the low resolution as it was at the learning stage.

A Tribute to ForestFly Guild & Team [Maplestory]
This was the first few montages created. It’s more like a game screenshots slideshow with transition effects. Very basic transition and simple montage show casing activities in maplestory game but definitely a good way to keep memories last!