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Marc & Ai Di Wedding Montage At Hilton Singapore
Marc & Ai Di Wedding/Childhood Montage At Hilton Singapore on 17 October 2015.

Marc & Ai Di Pre-Wedding Photo Slides
ForestFly Pictures M&A Wedding Opener. (Auto loop music edition) Marc & Ai Di Wedding Slides At Hilton Singapore on 17 October 2015. Wedding monogram created by ForestFly Pictures.

Wai Kian & Shi Hui Wedding Montage At Peony Jade, Clarke Quay
Childhood/Wedding Montage For Wai Kian & Shi Hui At Peony Jade Singapore On 23 June 2014.
“Thanks Marc for the wonderful 3D effects! Very nicely done!” -Shi Hui

Hyde & Lindy Wedding Montage At Traders Hotel Singapore
Childhood/Wedding Montage For Hyde & Lindy At Traders Hotel Singapore On 17 May 2014.
“Thank you so much!” -Lindy

Shawn & Renee Wedding Montage At Marriott Singapore

Childhood Montage For Shawn & Renee At Marriott Singapore On 23 March 2014.
“Once again, thank you for your creative montage!” -Renee

Mervin & Iris Wedding Montage At Mandarin Oriental, Singapore
Childhood Montage for the lovely couple’s wedding held on the 22 February 2014 in Singapore. Basically, the montage focus more on the childhood and growing up. Large display of their images and high quality photo enhancements have been touched up. Ended with 3D photos of Mervin and Iris.
“The montage brought back many memories for me! Thanks Marc! I was smiling to see some silly pics haha” -Iris

Guanliang & Yiying Wedding Montage At Raffles Marina, Singapore
The love story for the lovely couple, groom Guanliang and bride Yiying. This wedding montage was created using more visual effects on each 3D photos. Show casing different places they visited and their wedding photography. The wedding montage will be presented on big screen on the 1st January 2014, Raffles Marina, Singapore. ForestFly Pictures congratulates the couple.
“Perfect gift for my bro’s wedding!” -Shawn

Uthayes & Shaallini Wedding Montage At Orchid Country Club, Singapore
Uthayes & Shaallini Animated Wedding Montage At Orchid Country Club, Singapore
Story was base on their childhood till they are together. The making of their wedding photos were based on the scenes. Wedding/Childhood montage presented by ForestFly Pictures. Held on the 14 Dec 2013 in Singapore.
“Everyone loved e montage! Thank u for e awesome job!” -Indra

Shawn & Renee ROM Wedding Montage At Fairmont Singapore
A modern theme for our R&S wedding montage introducing the lifestyle of the couple. The wedding montage’s concept was based on their photo shoots, combining photographs of the same scene into one category.
“Very appealing! We would like to engage your service again for our actual day montage!” -Renee

Jowen & Joann Wedding Childhood Montage At Grand Shanghai, Singapore

J&J wedding childhood montage was completed within a week before the actual date. Theme was based on their childhood photos and days being attach as a couple till the day of the propose. Heavy photo edit was done during the process of making, due to the low resolution of childhood photos provided. The colours of the childhood photos were brought back to live.
“Love all the animations and well done, Marc!” -Jowen

Juncun & Swee Yan Wedding Childhood Montage At InterContinental Hotel, Singapore

Based on the couple Swee Yan & Juncun since 2002 till married. Visualising a 3D animated wedding photo montage for their actual wedding day held on the 11 December 2011 at InterContinental Hotel. This wedding montage was a success, witnessed by hundreds over people at the wedding ballroom. Each theme on this wedding montage was custom-made, featuring their monogram in the scene.
“Thank you so much for the effort, Marc. This is incredible! My friends commented the montage is very professionally done! They noticed the 3D effect!” -SweeYan

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